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Lined Click Beetle

Agriotes lineatus (Linnaeus)
Lined Click Beetle Lined Click Beetle Lined Click Beetle Lined Click Beetle
C.M.F. Pierce & M.A. McDonough



The lined click beetle has a very broad host range, including many forage crops, crucifer crops, vegetables of many types, corn, flax, grape, lettuce, onion, peach, potato, rape, strawberries, sugar beet, sunflower, tobacco, tomato , turnip, wheat, other small grains and grasses, as well as oak, pine, peach, spruce, and fir.


Commodities Affected:
Field Crops, Forestry and Natural Areas, Fruits and Vegetables, Nursery, Ornamentals, and Turf



The lined click beetle is considered a major pest in Europe and western Asia. The larval stage of the line click beetle severely infests germinating seeds, roots, root crops, and tuberous crops. In Canada, it is a serious pest; the lined click beetle was responsible for 60% loss to potatoes in a field on Vancouver Island in 1949 and caused significant damage in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, in 1954. It is highly likely that this species was probably unintentionally introduced very early into eastern and western Canada with dry ballast material used in the sailing ship era, or with the importation of nursery stock associated with soil.



The lined click beetle is not known to occur in Indiana.