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Galega officinalis Linnaeus
Synonym: Professorweed
Goatsrue Goatsrue
Steve Dewey, Utah State University


Commodities Affected:
Forestry and Natural Areas, Miscellaneous and Human Health



This member of the pea family has pink to white pea-like flowers in the axis of the leaves.  Goatsrue can grow from 2 to 6 feet tall and has alternate odd-pinnate leaves.  Goatsrue is toxic to ruminants. The alkaloid content is highest in the spring. Animals will avoid the goatsrue, which contributes to the establishment and spread in rangeland. It is found in established alfalfa fields. The plant is considered an ornamental species and a medical herb. Eradication efforts are costly and time consuming.Goatsrue is capable of forming a monoculture in wetland communities, displacing native or beneficial plants.



Goatsrue is not known to occur in Indiana.