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Brown Fir Longhorned Beetle

Callidiellum villosulum (Fairmaire)
Brown Fir Longhorned Beetle Brown Fir Longhorned Beetle



In its natural range, the brown fir longhorned beetle attacks Chinese fir and Japanese cedar. Neither of these host genera are indigenous to North America, However, these trees are used in some areas as landscape materials. Some species of introduced beetles have been able to adopt new hosts in North America, and it is possible that the brown fir longhorned beetle could do so if it had the opportunity.


Commodities Affected:
Forestry and Natural Areas, Nursery, Ornamentals, and Turf



Provided that the brown fir longhorned beetle is able to adapt to Indiana conifers, the greatest economic impacts would probably be in Christmas trees plantations and other products that use small diameter material. Plantation forestry would probably be less affected, unless attacks were widespread, because many affected trees would be removed during thinning. Ornamental trees would also be at risk and would experience an increase in mortality and costs associated with the removal and replacement of damaged trees.



The brown fir longhorned beetle is not known to occur in Indiana.