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Bamboo Longhorned Beetle

Chlorophorus annularis (Fabricius)
Tiger Bamboo Longhorned Beetle Tiger Bamboo Longhorned Beetle
C.M.F. Pierce & M.A. McDonough



The bamboo longhorned beetle primarily infests bamboo, and most reports are from dried bamboo. However, the insect has also been reported in sugarcane, citrus, pear, apple, teak, cotton, corn, and, in the Chinese literature, maple. For many of these hosts, though, it's uncertain whether reports of associations are for larval damage or simply observations of flower-feeding by adults (which is common in this genus).


Commodities Affected:
Field Crops, Forestry and Natural Areas, Fruits and Vegetables, Nursery, Ornamentals, and Turf



The bamboo longhorned beetle is not known to be established in the United States but may be a potential threat as a number of recent interceptions indicate. Bamboo is distributed broadly for a wide variety of purposes, including staking of nursery stock.



The bamboo longhorned beetle is not known to occur in Indiana.