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Spittlebug damage
(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Spittlebug - damage
See also: adult | larva

Scientific Name: Cercopidae: several species

Status: minor pest of agricultural crops

Damaging Stage: nymph and adult

Injury: In large populations, twigs and branches may be damaged enough to cause some dieback. Herbaceous plants suffer from the sap feeding as well as the injection of phytotoxic salivary substances during feeding. Weakened pines can suffer in weather conditions that encourage disease.

Action Threshold: Spittlebugs rarely occur in large enough numbers to cause enough injury to justify pesticide applications. More often, the spittle masses are considered an aesthetic nuisance because they are unsightly rather than damaging.

Management: Chemical controls are the best option for a severe spittlebug infestation.