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Honey Bee benefit
(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Honey Bee - benefit
See also: adult | larva

Scientific Name: Apidae: Apis several species

Status: beneficial pollinators and honey producers

Beneficial Stage: adult

Value: Honey bees are one of very few domesticated insects. They are extremely effective pollinators of many plants, flowers, and crops. Honey bee colonies are often moved to fruit orchards each spring to ensure pollination of the newly forming fruits. The value of honey bees as pollinators is often measured in the billions of dollars. Honey bees also produce honey and beeswax, both valuable commodities for humans.  Wild colonies of honey bees are declining at an alarming rate due to diseases and parasites as well as due to the actions of uninformed people who may be afraid of them. Because of the benefits that honeybees provide, wild colonies should be protected wherever possible.