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Cicada damage
(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Cicada - damage
See also: adult | larva

Scientific Name: Cicadidae: several species

Status: annoying; can damage young trees

Damaging Stage: adult

Injury: When cicadas emerge in large numbers, they may leave significant numbers of unsightly cast skins on tree trunks, fence posts or the sides of structures. When there is a large emergence, the loud calls of the cicadas can be annoying and deafening. Mostly, however, real cicada damage occurs as a result of these insects killing small tree branches and twigs when they lay their eggs.

Action Threshold: Nursery trees, newly transplanted trees, and some fruit trees are most at risk for cicada damage. Assessing the vulnerability of the tree together with the anticipated cicada emergence will help determine the need for control.

Management: Small trees may be wrapped or netted to physically keep cicadas from laying eggs.