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Rice Weevil larva
(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Rice Weevil - larva
See also: adult | damage

Scientific Name: Curculionidae: Sitophilus oryzae

Status: pest of stored cereal products

Damaging Stage: larval and adult

Biology: The rice weevil is small (1/10 inch) but has a long, curved snout almost one-third of the total length of the insect. The body is red-brown to black in color with four light yellow or red spots on the corners of the wing covers. Rice weevil larvae are white- or cream-colored with a small tan-colored head capsule. They are legless, humpbacked, and rarely seen because they stay inside hollowed grain kernels.

Adults chew into the grain kernels from the outside and lay their eggs inside the grain. Larvae develop through several instars and also pupate inside the grain kernels. They may complete a generation in a month in warm conditions. Adults often live for seven to eight months. There are usually four generations per year.