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Cabbage Butterfly damage
(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Cabbage Butterfly - damage
See also: adult | larva

Scientific Name: Pieridae: Pieris rapae

Status: pest of vegetable crops

Damaging Stage: caterpillar

Injury: Adults lay eggs on the undersides of leaves. Larvae tend to feed on the flesh of leaves in between the veins. They often hide next to or underneath the leaf veins. Eggs are laid on the plants of the mustard family (crucifers), particularly cabbage and broccoli plants. They also are attracted to dandelions and other flowers.

Action Threshold: Crops are considered to have moderate infestation if cabbageworms are recovered from 20–30 percent of the plants.

Management: Cabbage butterflies can be managed by both chemical and biological control options.