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Alfalfa Weevil adult
(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Alfalfa Weevil - adult
See also: larva | damage

Scientific Name: Curculionidae: Hypera postica

Status: key insect pest of alfalfa

Damaging Stage: mostly larval; occasionally adult

Biology: The alfalfa weevil is a major pest of alfalfa and often requires chemical treatments to manage. The adult beetle is a small, dark grey or brown beetle approximately 1/4 inch long with a prominent brown snout and a distinct dark band that extends down the back.

Immature alfalfa weevils are always legless and have black head capsules. The first two instars are generally brown in color, but the third and fourth instars are always green and have a characteristic white line down the middle of the back. Immature alfalfa weevils grow to approximately 3/8 inch in length.