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Odonata - dragonflies and damselflies
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Odonata are large insects with a very strongly toothed mandlble, uniquely designed for capturing prey. Adults possess four long, many-veined wings of approximately equal size. They are extremely fast fliers and have large prominent eyes offering 360 degree vision. These attributes force a collector to be very patient and quick with the net. Odonata have chewing mouthparts and very short antennae. Metamorphosis is gradual.

The nymphs of Odonata are found in water, and adults usually are nearby. Both the adults and nymphs feed on other insects. Sometimes the nymphs also feed on small fish.

Dragonflies are larger than damselflies and hold their wings horizontally, like an airplane, when at rest. Damselflies either tilt up their wings, like butterflies, or hold them next to their abdomens when at rest.