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Welcome to the Purdue Entomology CDE Resource Database

Timothy J. Gibb, Entomologist and 4-H Entomology Coordinator

4-H and FFA students in Indiana are required to recognize the order and common names of 150 insects on a prescribed 4-H, FFA Career Development Event list (available at the left). In addition, students must know the general life history of the insects in question so that they can answer questions pertaining to control, life cycle, pest status etc.

The best way to learn to identify insects is by making a collection and studying the specimens. While there is no substitute for actual specimens, obtaining all of the insects on the required list is a formidable task and must occur over time.

To assist in very basic identification, line drawings and a color photograph of representative members of the insects are provided in this website together with a brief description of the insect, its biology, pest status, and life cycle. These are separated by order and listed by common name.

Studying these will assist students in recognizing insects in the field as well as help prepare them for the judging competition. Remember that at the state competition, actual specimens will be used. These may differ in appearance to the photos available here. Colors, shapes and sizes vary depending upon the species of insect selected and the nature of photography.

In addition to the photos and life history facts presented in this web-site, a mock quiz can be taken to help prepare students for the state competition. This quiz is modeled after the state fair competition and will provide a general idea of the types of questions that might be asked. It is interactive and self graded so as to allow for maximum learning. Each exam consists of 40 insect ID's and 20 multiple choice questions.