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Ephemeroptera - mayflies
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Mayflies live only for a short time as winged adults. The mayflies have four (rarely, two) triangular, many-veined wings. The front pair are much larger than the hind pair. The wings are held together above the body when at rest. They have chewing mouthparts, but the adults do not feed. The antennae are short and difficult to see. Mayflies have two or three long, antenna-like appendages (tails) at the end of the abdomen. Metamorphosis is gradual.

Adults commonly are found near streams, ponds, and lakes and are attracted to light. The nymphs or young mayflies live in water and may take from one to three years to develop. Mayflies are a very important food source for fish. Anglers often try to imitate mayflies when making fishing hooks, especially for fly fishermen.