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Asparagus Beetle
(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Asparagus Beetle

Order: Coleoptera

Family: Chrysomelidae

Pest Status: Asparagus beetles can become a damaging pest of asparagus.

Appearance: An adult beetle measures about 1/4-inch in length and has a bright orange body with blue-black spots on the elytra. The thorax has a red tint and black markings.

Life Cycle: Female beetles lay their eggs in the spring on the tips of asparagus buds. The larvae hatch within a week and begin to feed on the spears and ferns of the plants. The larvae eventually enter the soil and pupate. In five to 10 days, they emerge from the soil as adults.

Where to Collect: Adults can be found on the tips of new asparagus shoots or among the debris surrounding old asparagus plants.