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(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Dragonfly

Order: Odonata

Family: Aeshnidae

Pest Status: Dragonflies are beneficial predatory insects both in the adult and immature stages.

Appearance: Dragonfly adults are often brightly colored and have long, slender abdomens. They also have two pairs of long, slender wings with net-like veins. The wings do not fold and are held outstretched when at rest. Both pairs of wings usually have a stigma (colored patch) near the middle of the leading edge.

Life Cycle: Eggs can be laid inside plants, in water, or along the shorelines of a bodies of water. Within a week the eggs hatch, and larvae go through 12 to 15 instars in as little as two months. After emerging, most dragonflies leave the water and go through a month-long period of maturation during which the body color brightens.

Where to Collect: Dragonflies are often found near lakes, streams, and ponds.