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(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Dobsonfly

Order: Megaloptera

Family: Corydalidae

Pest Status: Dobsonflies are not pests.

Appearance: Dobsonflies are large (as long as 2 inches) and have long antennae. Their large, many veined forewings are often mottled. When at rest, wings are held flat over the back and extend beyond the abdomen. Both males and females have remarkable mandibles, but in males they are very long and curved.

Life Cycle: After hatching from eggs, the larvae live underwater for several years before coming to land to pupate. The pupal stage lasts for the winter and spring, after which the winged adults emerge. The adults typically live for only a few days, just long enough to mate and lay eggs.

Where to Collect: Adults are attracted to lights at night, but are strong fliers and can often be found considerable distances from water.