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Blow Fly
(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Blow Fly

Order: Diptera

Family: Calliphoridae

Pest Status: Blow flies are beneficial insects in nature where they facilitate the breakdown of dead animal matter.

Appearance: Adults are metallic blue, green, copper, or black-colored flies that resemble house flies in appearance. The hair on the terminal antennal segment is feathery.

Life Cycle: Female flies lay eggs on or near suitable habitats. Maggots hatch from the eggs within two days and develop through three instars before pupating in the soil. Adult flies emerge 10 to 17 days after the formation of the pupal cell.

Where to Collect: Blow flies can be collected around any type of fresh meat or road kill left to rot. They are fast fliers, so using an insect net is the best collection technique.