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Tiger Beetle
(Russell Papsdorf)
Common Name: Tiger Beetle

Order: Coleoptera

Family: Carabidae

Pest Status: Tiger beetles are not pests.

Appearance: Adults are 1/2-inch long and have long antennae and legs. With their large compound eyes, their heads measure wider than their thorax. Although colors can vary, common species have spectacular metallic blue, green, and bronze coloration.

Life Cycle: Female tiger beetles lay their eggs in burrows in the soil. The larvae hatch from the eggs, overwinter and develop through three larval instars. Both adults and young are predators. The larvae pupate in the summer and emerge as adults after one month.

Where to Collect: On sunny days, tiger beetles are found in sandy areas along the shores of rivers and streams. They are very shy and extremely fast runners and fliers. A collector must be equally quick with a net to capture these insects.