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(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Stonefly

Order: Plecoptera

Family: Perlidae

Pest Status: Stoneflies are an important part of the aquatic ecosystem and serve as food for fish. Their presence or absence can also help indicate water pollution levels.

Appearance: Adults are long, slender insects with two pairs of soft, clear wings having very heavy and dark veins, folded along their back. They have a pair of tail-like cerci, well-developed antennae, and three tarsal segments.

Life Cycle: Adults live for a few days while the females lay their eggs on or above bodies of water. The eggs sink to the bottom and usually hatch quickly. The nymphs grow through many instars (12 to 23) and move to the shore when mature. The length of the life cycle varies from one to four years.

Where to Collect: Stoneflies are found among shoreline vegetation near clean streams.