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(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Silverfish

Order: Thysanura

Family: Lepismatidae

Pest Status: Siverfish are only considered a nuisance pest when they get into homes. There they are difficult to control.

Appearance: Adults are slender, wingless, soft-bodied insects, approximately 1/2-inch in length. They resemble a fish due to their shiny silver, scaly bodies that taper gradually to the rear. Silverfish have two slender antennae in front and three long a ppendages in back.

Life Cycle: Silverfish females lay their eggs singly or in small groups that hatch in about three weeks. Young silverfish resemble adults except they gradually take on the adult color within a month. Adults are long-lived, sometimes from two to eight years.

Where to Collect: Silverfish normally live outdoors under rocks, bark, and leaf mold; in the nests of birds; and in ant nests. They can also be found in houses in bathtubs, sinks, or washbasins.