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Sawtoothed Grain Beetle
(John Obermeyer, Purdue University)
Common Name: Sawtoothed Grain Beetle

Order: Coleoptera

Family: Silvanidae

Pest Status: Sawtoothed grain beetles are common pests of stored cereal products, both commercial and in the home.

Appearance: These beetles are flattened, red-brown, and about 1/10-inch long. The common name comes from the six sawtooth-like projections on each side of the thorax. The sawtoothed grain beetle has exposed eyes and the head is triangular in shape.

Life Cycle: Eggs are laid singly or in small groups in the food material where the life cycle is completed. The eggs hatch in about one week; the larvae mature within a month; and the pupae mature in two months. Adults emerge in the spring and can live six to ten months.

Where to Collect: The sawtoothed grain beetle can be found in cereal-based products.