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SLAM is an experimental approach to SLow Ash Mortality by strategically deploying insecticide treaments into the landscape to kill EAB adults before they lay all their eggs on ash trees. Functionally this means treating 40% of the ash trees with a 2 year product (TreeAge) by designating a random group of 20% of trees for treatment each year. One bite of a poisoned leaf is all that it takes to kill a beetle. The model predicts that 99% of the ash trees can be protected with this approach. This is very exciting news as it would greatly reduce the cost of treatment and increase the resulting size of the forest.

As an experimental approach, there are no guarantees, that this plan will work in your city. Details about how the strategy can works is available here. Please contact us if you are interested in planning a SLAM program so we can help you get started.

How to use the EAB Cost Calculator Version 2.0 was to determine costs for implementing an experimental SLAM program. The calculator contains a premade URBAN SLAM option that can be used to estimate costs. Here is an example of how it can be used with a representative 1200 tree forest assuming $6/ inch to treat an ash tree (20% each year) and a $400 replacement costs and default values. The costs were compared against the costs for two replacement plans and two removal plans. SLAM Costs were half those of both replacement strategies. The 25 yr cost of SLAM was about the same as the removal strategies. SLAM produced a forest that was FOUR TIMES the size of the two replacement strategies after 25 years.

Annual and Cumulative replacement costs are much higher than SLAM Costs

Forest Size resulting from a SLAM program is nearly twice the size of that resulting from replacement strategies. (DBH is the sum of all tree diameters)

Annual and Cumulative removal costs are much higher than SLAM Costs

Forest Size resulting from a SLAM program is nearly twice the size of the original ash forest after 25 years. (DBH is the sum of all tree diameters)
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