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Biting and Stinging Pests

Bed bug


Yellow jacket
There are a variety of insects that will bite or sting humans. Some insects will bite to obtain a blood meal, such as mosquitoes, fleas, and bed bugs. Some of these are outdoor pests and others are found primarily indoors. They tend to be secretive pests, with some coming out at night to take a blood meal. Some biting insects transmit disease organisms to humans; for example, mosquitoes and West Nile Virus.

Stinging insects such as some wasps and bees are dangerous because of the venom they inject when disturbed. They build nests in and around the home, and guard their nests by stinging unsuspecting intruders. Yellow jackets, bumble bees, and hornets are examples of stinging insects.

Professionals are knowledgeable about these pests, and have the tools to deal with them.

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