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Indiana Pest Management Association Audio Visual Library

Shipping and handling charges and return mailer are included FULL PAYMENT must accompany your order. The Educational Library has been compiled for the exclusive use of the members of the Indiana Management Association and these selections are not available to non-members. The fee for each tape is $10.00. All selection rentals are for a period of fourteen (14) days only. Selections must be returned on or before the designated date on your acknowledgement or a penalty of $1.50/per day will be charged. A return date will be enclosed with your selection(s). You will be charged replacement rates prevailing for all selections that are returned damaged or tampered with. All selections remain the property of the Indiana Pest Management Association. All selections will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis. WE DO NOT ACCEPT TELEPHONE ORDERS.

Please enclose your completed order form and check made payable to:

Jackson Pest Management
4417 Lower Huntington Road
Ft. Wayne, IN 46819

Please indicate your selection(s) by writing in the number to the left of the title in the space indicated on the order form and send with your check.

Audio Visual Selection Titles

Tapes listed are VHS unless otherwise specified.

Number Selection Title
101VHS Rodent Control in Residential and Rural Areas (Bell Labs, 22 min)
104VHS Pest Elimination in Homes (Whitmire Systems, 47 min)
106VHS You are Important (Whitmire Labs, 12 min)
107VHS Behind Closed Walls (Velsicol, 12-1/2 min)
108VHS The Silent Invader (Velsicol, 9-1/2 min
109VHS Silent Society (DowElanco, 15 min)
111VHS Controlling the Underground Movement (DowElanco)
112VHS Treatment Strategies (DowElanco)
113VHS Inspections (DowElanco)
114VHS Chlordane - A Responsible Treatment (Velsicol, 25 min)
116VHS Flea Rodeo (DowElanco., 40 min)
118VHS Basement Foundations (DowElanco, 50 min)
119VHS Termites (Dr. Ted Granovsky, 50 min)
120VHS Slab Foundations (DowElanco, 20 min)
121VHS Odor Reduction (DowElanco, 20 min)
123VHS Physical Removal (Dow Chemical Co., 20 min)
124VHS Crawl Space Foundations (DowElanco, 20 min)
125VHS Mouse Control (Mallis Training Aid)
126VHS Rat Control (Mallis Training Aid)
128VHS Maxforce - Pharoah Ant Killer (The Production Co.)
129VHS Pharoah Ants - Biology and Control (NPCA, 22 min)
130VHS The War Against Resistance (DowElanco, 16 min)
131VHS Termite Damage in the Home - Its Causes and Control (20 min)
132VHS Termite Control for Professionals (Mobay)
135VHS NPCA Introductory Training for Service Technicians and Owner-Manager Orientation (4) Pesticides (16 min); (5) Equipment (12 min); (6) Application Techniques (15 min); (7) Safety (13 min)
136VHS How to Use PT400 Ultraban Flea Killer (Whitmire, Jeff Tucker)
137VHS Integrated Pest Management (National Park Service, 15 min)
139VHS Structural Inspections - A Way of Managing Wood Inhabiting Insects (National Park Service, 23 min)
141VHS Subterranean Termite Biology (National Park Service, 11 min)
142VHS “Big Fears...Little Risks” - Narrated by Walter Cronkite (30 min, American Council on Science & Health)
143VHS NPCA Approved Reference - Procedure for Termite Control (16 min)
144VHS Subterranean Termites, Department of Entomology, Produced by Purdue ACS-VM 1989 (14 min)
145VHS Making a Termite Inspection, Department of Entomology, Produced by Purdue ACS-VM 1989 (14 min)
146VHS Chemicals Used for Termite Control, Depart.. Entomology, by Purdue University ACS-VM 1989 (12 min)
147VHS Termite Control: Equipment and Application, Parts I & II, Depart. . Entomology, Purdue ACS-VM 1989
149VHS Perimeter Treatment - Key to Successful Insect Control (20 min,DowElanco)
150VHS Nuisance Wildlife Trapping (Joseph Uran, 43 min)
151VHS When a Crisis Strikes (DowElanco, 19.30 min)
155VHS Rodent Control Series 3. Inspection for commensal rodents (National Pest Control Association, 11.50 min)
156VHS Rodent Control Series 4. Mechanical Control (National Pest Control Association, 11.37 min)
157VHS Rodent Control Series 5. Baiting Techniques (National Pest Control Association, 10.36 min)
158VHS Rodent Control Series 6. Rodenticides (National Pest Control Association, 12.23 min)
159VHS Termites of the Western United States - Recognition, Biology, Distribution, Pest Status and Control of All Ten Western Termite Genera (30 min)
161VHS Unwanted Invaders - Perimeter Treatment for Your Home (Mobay Corp.)
162VHS Using Avert Cracks and Crevices Bait (Jeffrey B. Tucker, WhitmireResearch 15 min)
163VHS Petcor Delivers - (Zoecon 7.20 min)
164VHS Pest Control Video Network (PCVN) 1st ed., May 1991, News from Washington, etc., The New Ted
165VHS Pest Control Video Network (PCVN) 2nd ed., July 1991, The New Granovsky Video
167VHS Preventing Cockroach Resistance (DowElanco, 10 min)
168VHS Dancing with Nature - Chemicals Helping Wildlife -1988
169VHS Pest Control Video Network (PCVN) 3rd Ed., Sept. 1991
170VHS Pest Control Video Netowrk (PCVN) 4th Ed., Nov. 1991
173VHS Added Information of Intrest
174VHS Pest Control Video Network (PCVN)May/June 1992
175VHS Pest Control Video Network (PCVN) July/Aug. 1992
176VHS Pest Control Video Network (PCVN)Sept.Oct. 1992
177VHS Pest Control Video Network (PCVN)Nov/Dec.1992
178VHS Pest Control Video Network (PCVN)Jan./Feb 1993 (Focus on Roaches)
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