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Purdue Forensics Curriculum

The sequence shown below is a guide only. Courses need not be taken in the sequence or semester shown and some substitutions are possible.

To obtain this minor, students must complete 10 credits of core Forensics Sciences courses (ENTM 218, ENTM 318, and ENTM 418) plus an additional 9 credits of course work as shown from the list below:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Required core courses:
ENTM 218 (Fall) Introduction to Forensic Science 3
ENTM 318* (Spring) Criminalistics 4
ENTM 418* (Fall) Advanced Forensic Science Lecture/Lab 3
Total: 10
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Selective courses:
ENTM 595 F* (Spring) Advanced Forensic Studies (Graduate/Undergraduate) 3
ENTM 595 D* (Fall) Forensic Digital Imaging (Graduate/Undergraduate) 2
ENTM 295 T* (Fall) Forensic Entomology/Taphonomy 3
9 Additional Credits from this list:
ANTH 336 Human Variation 3
ANTH 425 Anthropological Archaeology 3
ANTH 534 Human Osteology 3
AGRY 335 Weather and Climate 3
BCHM 307/307 Biochemistry 2
BCHM 309 Biochemistry Lab 2
BIOL 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2
BIOL 204 Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab 2
BIOL 231 Cell Structure and Function 3
BIOL 232 Cell Structure Lab 2
BIOL 241 Genetics 3
BIOL 242 Genetics Lab 2
BIOL 221 Microbiology 4
CHM 224 Quantitative/Analytical Chemistry 4
CHM 257 Organic Chemistry (may sub 255/256) 4
CHM 257L Organic Chemistry Lab 1
ENTM 206 General Entomology 2
ENTM 207 General Entomology Lab 1
ENTM 210 Introduction to Insect Behavior 3
ENTM 295T Forensic Entomology & Taphonomy 2
ENTM 335 Introduction to Insect Identification 4
ENTM 551 Insect Physiology and Biochemistry 3
ENTM 595D Forensic Digital Imaging 2
ENTM 595F Advanced Forensic Studies 3
HSCI 332 Hematology 2
HSCI 333 Immunology for Medical Technology 2
HSCI 560 Toxicology 3
PSY 235 Child Psychology 3
PSY 240 Introduction to Social Psychology 3
PSY 333 Motivation 3
PSY 350 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 411 Psychology and Law 3
PSY 444 Human Sexual Behavior 3
PSY 535 Psychology of Death and Dying 3
SOC 324 Criminology 3
SOC 328 Criminal Justice 3
SOC 356X Hate and Violence 3
SOC 419 Sociology of Law 3
SOC 426 Social Deviance and Control 3
SOC 454 Family Violence 3
PHYS 218/219 or PHYS 220/221 General Physics I and II total 8
CGT 116 Geometric Modeling For Visualization And Communication 2
CGT 211 Raster Imaging for Computer Graphics 3
CGT 241 Introduction to Computer Animation 3
CGT 262 Introduction to Construction Graphics 3
CGT 340 Digital Lighting and Rendering for Computer Animation 3
* Note grade requirements:
  • ENTM 318 – Criminalistics: Pre-requisite ENTM 218 WITH A MINIMUM GRADE OF C
  • ENTM 418 - Advanced Forensic Science Lecture/Lab: Pre-requisite ENTM 318 WITH A MINIMUM GRADE OF C
  • ENTM 595 S - Forensic Lasers and Alternative Light Sources (Graduate/Undergraduate): Pre-requisite ENTM 418 and with Forensic Professor's Permission
  • ENTM 595 F - Forensic Digital Imaging: Pre-requisite ENTM 418 and with Forensic Professor's Permission
  • ENTM 295 T - Taphonomy: Pre-requisite ENTM 418 and with Forensic Professor's Permission

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Textbook Info

Forensic classes (ENTM 218, ENTM 318, and ENTM 418) will be using the 3rd Edition of the James/Nordby textbook.
Forensic Science - James and Nordby

Forensic classes (ENTM 318 and ENTM 418) will be using Crime Scene Processing and Laboratory Workbook by Jones and Williams
Jones and Williams Workbook

Forensic class (ENTM 595F) will be using Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation by Vernon Geberth
Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation

Forensic class (ENTM 595D) will be using Practical Forensic Digital Imaging: Applications and Techniques by Patrick Jones
Practical Forensic Digital Imaging: Applications and Techniques
Available at the local bookstores
University Bookstore
Follett's Bookstore

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