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Who are we?

Not for profit organization
to promote education and training
of the pest control industry.
IPMA Committees for 2015-2016

The committees that have been appointed for 2015-16 are listed below. These are very active committees that will be reporting to you on a regular basis. Please call or write these people with any concerns or ideas that you have. They need your input. Please see your membership roster for addresses and phone numbers.


Scott Robbins (Chair), Drew Martin, Mark Swihart, and Dan McGhiey


Ray Siegel, Bill Walsh, and Sid Shah

Membership Recruitment and Retention

Carrie Campbell (Chair), Mark Swihart, Joe Popham, and Carl Wallin


Don Green (Chair), Dan McGhiey, and Kevin Pass

Summer Meeting

Carrie Campbell (Chair), Syed Shah, Joe Long, Scott Wright, and Scott Robbins

Public Relations

Kevin Puetz (Chair), Rob Jackson, Scott Glaze, and Judy Logsdon


Marion Hall (Chair), Greg Long, and Joe Popham


Mike Corbitt

Hall of Fame

Greg Campbell

IPM in Schools Advisors

John Walton, Judy Logsdon, and Greg Campbell

Pesticide Review Board Representatives

Greg Campbell
Term Expires: Indefinite
Phone Number: 219-362-7444

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