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Items Regulated by EAB Quarantine

The EAB quarantine restricts movement of the following ash products from quarantined townships (infested areas) and quarantined counties:

  • Cut firewood of any kind except pine* from the affected county or within infested townships
  • Living EAB insects of any life stage from immature to adult
  • Any whole ash trees, including nursery trees
  • Limbs, stumps, branches, or debris from ash trees with a diameter of 1 inch or more
  • Ash logs, slabs, or untreated ash lumber with the bark attached
  • Ash chips and ash bark chips (both composted and non-composted) that are 1 inch or more in diameter
  • Any product made from ash wood that was recently alive and growing that might move any life stage of the beetle

*All species of hardwood firewood are included in the quarantine because of the difficulty of sorting stacked firewood. However, hardwood firewood other than ash may still be transported out of the quarantine boundaries under a compliance agreement with the Indiana DNR.

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